QM Design gives a new perspective on Art & Design by blending Western and Eastern design elements. We provide a distinctive viewpoint to the connection of Western and Eastern design principles. We serve as the link between the two, enabling designs to seamlessly fit in without standing out. Not only that, but we specialise in translating the Arabic language for the English audience and have 13 years of expertise doing it through design, art, branding, crafting &  typography. Western brands are heavily promoted in the Middle East, yet many of them appear to get lost in translation, this is when we step in to assist and direct you.

Inspired Design

We connect audiences through Art, Design & Craftsmanship. We specialise in Arabic content for companies/individuals aiming to bridge cultural boundaries.
The connections we have built over the years with Artists & Designers, bring a wealth of knowledge to our projects.

Worked with

Design & Build

From concept to final design/product


We recognise the difficulties that can arise when entering a new market, particularly when the language and design conventions differ significantly from one's daily practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are available to provide guidance throughout the process to ensure that you don't get lost in translation.

Helping your brand realise its true potential, globally.

Lets start something amazing together