Sacred Geometry Box

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This box is same as the Huwa box but with a geometric designThis is a simple yet complex box made for both genders.A common feature of Islamic art is the covering of surfaces covered with geometric patterns.This use of geometry is thought to reflect the language of the universe and help the believer to reflect on life and the greatness of creation.So how is geometry seen to be spiritual?

  • Because circles have no end they are infinite – and so they remind Muslims that Allah is infinite.
    Complex geometric designs create the impression of unending repetition, and this also helps a person get an idea of the infinite nature of Allah.
    The repeating patterns also demonstrate that in the small you can find the infinite … a single element of the pattern implies the infinite total. (source:

This is a finger joint box, precision cut and dye stained in black. Constructed from hardwood birch plywood with calligraphy cut from European Walnut.

Size L13cm X W9cm X H6.5cm

Made from 3mm plywood. Precision laser cut.


Black, Pink/Peach


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