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2012, a young man comes back from his studies in Tarim, Yemen. He asked if l could make him a desk that he could use to sit on the floor and study. He didn’t have much to give, but l gladly made it for him and paid what he could. After making his desk and showing it on social media, many requested a desk to be made for themselves, their children, or just gifts to family and friends. The last one l made must have been back in 2014.

It has taken some time to design this new desk. Learning new tooling, getting the correct fitment fixtures, design changes, many failed attempts, and so much wood wasted!

With new tooling, l am now able to produce the new edition of the ‘Desks of Knowledge’. These have been designed from the ground up with flat-pack furniture design in mind. Easy to assemble, just x6 screws (provided). All you need is a screwdriver.

One thing that stands out for everyone is the pen holder. This has become a signature design for the desks and had to be included in the new desk.

The angle of the desk was important to get right. To steep, it becomes difficult to write. Too shallow, it becomes difficult to read. The ideal angle is between 20-30 degrees. I initially opted for 25 degrees but decided to go for 23 degrees as it was better to write and read.

The desks come in 3 colors, black, natural, and dark green. The dark green is a similar color to the one used on the original desk. These can be personalised with a dua/name or you can either choose from the 2 designs provided. A subtle circular geometric design on the side gives it an elegant touch. Each part fits together precisely.

This desk is ideal for anyone who prefers to sit on the floor to read or write.


Constructed from hardwood 1.2 cm birch plywood with calligraphy/patterns cut from European Walnut.

All sizes are approx


Images are for illustration purposes only. You may find that there are natural blemishes on the wood.


If the item is in stock, it will be shipped, otherwise please allow 1-3 weeks. All products are handcrafted, please bare with us if any items are not in stock.


Black, Dark green, Natural


Huwa Hu, Iqra, Personalised Text

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