Craven Museum & Gallery have been working with the Muslim Museum Initiative to bring together some of the most exciting contemporary Islamic artist working in Britain.

Curated by Mobeen Butt, founder of the Muslim Museum Initiative, the exhibition will bring together ten artists, to celebrate the variety and vibrancy of Islamic art being produced in Britain. The exhibition will showcase calligraphy, geometry, arabesque, miniature painting, wood crafting, paper cutting, embroidery, fabric printing and three-dimensional works.

The art produced from these community workshops will be exhibited along with the professional artists during the exhibition.

The Faith in Art Exhibition is a joint initiative between Craven Museum & Gallery and the Muslim Museum Initiative and has been funded by the Arts Council England Museum’s Resilience Fund, as part of the museum’s Museum: Indispensable project. (

5 February 2016 to 9 April 2016

Pictures by Samir Malik (calligrapher)