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Desks of Knowledge

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Date : 2013

A young man wanted a small desk so when he sat on the floor he was comfortable and had all his books and a little storage. He wasn’t using it for university work or anything as such but to study Islamic knowledge. He also wanted something on the desk that would keep him going when he felt low or not being able to study, so l decided to place the word ‘Allah’.

May Allah bless this young man, we need more of our youth to start at an early age to practise their religion.

He (saw) said,

“Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.” {Al-Bukhaari}

I don’t usually work with pine as l only use hardwoods. I always wanted to do something different with the desk project so instead of using nails and screws I used dowels. I am not an expert on dowel joinery so l did use some screws to tighten it up. I did minimise it to 5 screws in total for this project and the rest dowels.

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