Custom Macbook Pro 13″ (Early 2009)

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Date : 2013

Apple used to make the black MacBooks and they awesome. My friend recently brought one and it looks slick. The warranty on my Macbook Pro (early 2009) had expired and it was slightly battered and bruised. I had a look through Colorware, a company which paints different gadgets but it was too expensive so l decided to do it instead.

I had previously opened up my Macbook and cleaned it out, upgraded the ram and the HDD to an SD drive but not stripped it down completely. A bit daunting but am always up for doing something different. I already had the colours in mind and which parts l wanted to spray red and the parts l wanted to spray black. The finish l was going for was a slightly textured feel and in matt finish. Being a craftsman l wanted to have something wooden on it and l had lost the rubber feet l went for wooden feet. Made from European Walnut and ebonised to match the finish.

The process took 3-4 days. There were a few hiccups, and the keyboard backlight, which l wanted to be in red, stopped working. Still working on a fix but the Apple logo at the back turned out really cool when the lights are dimmed.

It is not exactly like the black MacBooks but if Apple is viewing this, make the black Macbooks again!

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