As Muslims, we have grown up seeing vibrant coloured prayer mats. So when @helloromans approached me to design a prayer mat that reflected the outdoors, l had to think differently. Vibrant colours couldn’t be used, had to be simple, so it doesn’t distract worshipper. I had to adopt a different design perspective; blending together the English countryside to Islamic design. After many design changes and iterations, I saw that the topography maps and the lines would go well inside a simple Islamic shape. The dark green color blends well in the environment.

The sign boards also had to fit into the environment. The font used is similar to the font used on sign boards in Saudi Arabia. The Ka’bah outline is simple, and you instantly know what it is from far.

Thank you to @haroonmota for recommending me for this project and @ruhalalam for his amazing advice.

This project was for @adidasterrex @wiggle_sport and the National Forests, who have showed faith in the Muslim community.

@muslimhiker @active.inclusion

If you ever come across one of the sign boards, tag us in!