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7 Wonders

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Date : 2013

With this artwork, l wanted to make it completely different compared to what l normally make. I wanted to have 7 names of Allah that meant something to me personally as well as relating to the entire Ummah, the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us all.

The woods are a selection of Brazilian Purpleheart, American Black Walnut, Central American Mahogany, Cedar of Lebanon, Tulipwood and spalted beech.

The Names that l chose to use;

1. Al-Baqi | The Everlasting, The Eternal
Allah is the everlasting one whose existence in the future is forever. He has neither beginning nor end. The creation will end, and time with it. But Allah the everlasting one will still exist.

2. Al-Haq | The Truth
He whose existence has no change.

3. Al-Aakhir | The Last
Allah is the last. As He has no beginning, He has no end. He is eternal. He is the last in the sense that the circle of existence begins and ends with Him.

4. Allah
This is Allah’s proper name on which depends the existence and welfare of the entire universe. Allah is Allah’s name only. Nothing can assume this name or share it.

5. Al-Lateef | The Subtle One, Most Affectionate or Knower of Innermost Secrets
Allah is the one who knows the delicate meanings of everything. He who creates things most subtly, which cannot be understood by people, and He who gives blessings to people in the most subtle ways.

6. Ar-Raheem | Most Merciful
Allah is the source of infinite mercy, blessings and prosperity, who rewards with eternal gifts the one who use Allah’s bounties for the good. This is mentioned in the Quran: wa kana bil-mu’minina Rahiman — “He is compassionate and beneficient [only] to the believers” (33:43)

7. Ar-Rahman | The Compassionate
Allah is the one who wills mercy and good for all creation, at all times, without any distinction between the good and the bad, the faithful and the rebel, the beloved and the hated. He pours upon all creation infinite bounties. The proof is in the Quran: wa rahmati wasi’at kulli shay’in — “My Mercy covers everything” (7:156)

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