The logo has been called bland, simple and too plain by many but there is a deeper meaning behind the logo, so let me explain…. Last year l re-branded my self from Bismillah Handcrafts to Qashif Masud due to many people approaching me believing l was a large business which mass manufactured islamic frames. I got so many emails in regards to this that l got fed up and decided to rebrand. This meant l had to redesign everything. The logo was the crucial part and it took a good few weeks to come up with a logo.

I have some ‘nice’ friends who are quite critical at times (in a good way) and would give sound advise on how the logo should be.
It should represent the work l produce, simple.

After many attempts, the idea came to old hand painted signs boards that Tailors used. So we decided to work with that idea and wrote QM on a paper, scanned it and and vectorised it through Illustrator. The result is what you see, a very simple logo but very effective even when it is used as a stamp.

It is plain, simple, yes, but it serves its purpose.