The Blessed Hair

A beautiful gathering with Shaykh Saad Al-Atas, an individual from the prophetic lineage, a man l have great love for and proud to say he is one of my teachers. The gathering got blessed even more when we had the sacred hair mubarak of our Blessed



'A Declaration Of Love' Opening of Felicity House, Liverpool. May Allah shower his immense blessings on this virtuous night. A gathering to remember the Blessed Messenger (saw) and the opening of felicity house, a project undertaken by Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa. Truly the The Beloved is in the


Lubitel 2

When l was in Kashmir, l had a chance to go through my late grandfathers belongings. He was part of the Kashmir Army so l knew l would find some hidden treasures. I ended up finding a very old camera, a Lubitel 2, manufactured between 1955-1980

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